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Newsworthy was the late night time edition of 3 News in 2015 and broadcast reside on TV3 at around 10:30 pm. The show concluded on 20 December 2013 being replaced on 27 January 2014 with The Paul Henry Present of which the ultimate show aired on 19 December 2014. However an interim alternative merely named three Information was aired for several weeks in the beginning of 2014 and once more in 2015 (before Newsworthy began) and 2016 (earlier than Newshub Late began). The show was cancelled in April 2015 and was changed by Paul Henry. It was first broadcast on 21 March 2005 and had its last show broadcast on Friday 29 Might 2015. It was changed with Story that screened on Monday by means of Thursday nights presented by Duncan Garner and Heather duPlessis Allan.

The present started on Monday 7 March 2011 off the again of ongoing Christchurch earthquake coverage. The show discussed the day’s news with Henry’s trademark take on occasions and likewise featured Janika ter Ellen as information presenter. The program was presented berita viral hari ini by 3 Information anchor Mike McRoberts. It was broadcast live on TV3 at roughly 10:30 pm and was presented by Sacha McNeil. Sports activities Tonight was a sports info program broadcast reside on TV3 weeknights following Nightline. Sports Tonight was introduced by 3 News sports journalist Howard Dobson. Nightline was the late evening version of 3 News broadcast. Firstline was a morning news program produced by 3 Information. In a much lessthanexcellent long drop if the distance is miscalculated or another issue misses the mark the subject will die of decapitation (if the drop is just too long) or of strangulation (if the drop is just too quick or the noose knot is not in the correct place).

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