Adderall 101: Uses, Effects, Side Effects, Sale & Purchase

Concentration and focus are necessary to accomplish a task perfectly and on-time. However, the people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can’t pay necessary attention to their work and fails to show the expected progress. Adderall is very helpful for the treatment of ADHD and allows a person to focus on the work by eliminating all kinds of distracting thoughts coming to the mind.

What is Adderall?

Adderall is known as prescription medicine that has proven results for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity and narcolepsy. Adderall is a combination of amphetamine and destroamphetamine which act as brain stimulants in the central nervous system. The dosage of the drug blocks the reabsorption of dopamine neurotransmitters to increase the concentration of norepinephrine that helps to focus on the work and provides more control over behavior.

Adderall targets the sympathetic nervous system and stimulates it to bring several changes in the body such as increased blood pressure in the brain, dilation of the pupil, and excess sweating. Healthy people can also use Adderall after consulting their doctors as it shows fruitful results in getting better marks and solving a complex task.

What Adderall is Used for?

Following are the common used of Adderall and doctors prescribed the combination medicine in the below-mentioned cases:


It’s the most common reason for the Adderall use. The medicine is a combination of amphetamine and destroamphetamine which are the categories of drugs work as brain stimulants. The user can focus on the work and sit still for the task for longer hours.


Excess sleepiness is a disease and a sleeping disorder. The person tends to sleep during day and at odd times. Adderall helps to treat narcolepsy and some other sleeping disorders such as loss of muscle control, hallucination, and sleep paralysis.


The drug keeps you awake and attentive to eliminate the symptoms of laziness. A student can study longer hours during the exams days with a prescribed dosage of Adderall.


Depression is a major reason of mental tiredness and sleeping disorders. Though FDA doesn’t approve its use for this purpose, but it shows positive results in the treatment of depression and allows a person to concentrate on the work by forgetting unnecessary thoughts.

Weight Loss:

Adderall is known as appetite suppressant and helps in weight loss. Amphetamine increases the body’s metabolism and increases the heartbeat which results in the lower appetite and faster weight loss. However, doctors explain that the weight loss in the result of Adderall dosage is temporary and will come back once you stop using the drug.

Side Effects of Adderall on Body

Adderall is an addictive medicine which shouldn’t be taken without the consultation of a doctor. The excess dosage of Adderall causes several health issues and it’s known as Adderall abuse. Here are some ways of Adderall use which are called Adderall abuse.

  • Taking more dosage than the prescribed.
  • Using non-approved method for the consumption of Adderall such as snorting and injecting in the blood.
  • Taking more frequently than the suggested.
  • Taking medicine for unnecessary reasons like keeping awake late night.

Adderall abuse causes several health issues and triggers serious health issues. We are going to explain them one by one.

Central Nervous System:

A person can stay more focused and calm with the right dosage of Adderall. However, the increased use of Adderall comes up with the potential health risks including headaches, restlessness, vision changes, dizziness, and dry mouth.

Circulatory and Respiratory System:

Adderall increases the blood pressure and heart rate to give more energy to the body. However, it can interfere with the blood and circulation and cause numbness in toes and fingers. Likewise, the chances of heart attack and stroke get higher. The use of Adderall with alcohol increases the risks of alcohol poisoning.

Digestive System:

Many people use Adderall for the purpose of weight loss, but it negatively affects the digestive system by slowing down the appetite. Similarly, it releases the excessive amount of glucose in the digestive system and causes several issues such as vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, and excessive weight loss.

Skin Issues:

Skin allergies, hives, blisters, and rashes are the common skin problems happen due to the Adderall abuse.

How Long Does Adderall Stay in Your System?

Adderall takes 3 days to completely leave your body. Urine, saliva, hair, and blood are some ways to detect the presence of Adderall in your body. The half-life of Adderall is 9-14 hours. The term half-life refers to the time required for the drug to reduce half dosage of the drug in your body. However, the detection time varies from one method to another. Urine detection can detect Adderall in the body up to 7 days after the last dosage. 48 hours is the maximum time for the Adderall detection in Saliva while within 12-24 hours it stays in the blood. Hair test is known as the most significant one as Adderall can be detected to 90 days after the last dosage.

How Can You Get Prescription for Adderall?

Getting Adderall prescription may not be easy for everyone due to the increased drug abuse. You need to be very cautious while discussing this issue with your doctor and the following tips can help out you.

  1. You must know the symptoms of ADHD which include impatience, not concentrating on a specific task, disorganization, forgetfulness, excess sleep.
  2. Don’t ask your doctor directly about Adderall and let him know the efforts you have done for the better attention such as exercise and yoga.
  3. Discuss your concern with the doctor and do let him know the effects of unfocused mind on your personal and professional lives.
  4. Once you get the prescription, be honest to yourself and never take excessive dosage than the prescribed one.

Is It Legal to Buy Adderall Online?

The technical answer is ‘NO’ as Adderall is prescribed as “controlled substance” due to the mild addictive nature. Having a prescription form or doctor recommendation is necessary to buy Adderall online. Otherwise, you may face some issues especially if you are an American citizen.

Can You Really Buy Adderall Online Without Having A Prescription?

You don’t face any issue if you have doctor’s prescription and you can email it to the website owners. However, it won’t be legally upstanding without a prescription in the case of no medical script. There are some trustworthy websites which offer complete security to your order and safely transfer it to your home.

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